Can Sauna Therapy Help You Battle Fungal Infections?

For centuries, various cultures used sauna therapy for health benefits. Mayans, Native Americans, and the Turks are a few cultures that utilize heat for prevention healthy living or spiritual cleansing. Now it is a mainstay in modern Western culture. But, it is possible that saunas help with fungal infections as well.

A Word about Saunas

When you enter the sauna, the heat constricts your blood vessels. Your pulse rate increases. As well as your metabolism. The heat increases the circulation running through your body.

Within a dry heat style Finnish sauna, an average person will lose about a pint of sweat. The sweating begins almost immediately from entering the room. Since the air is so dry, the sweat will evaporate before you even notice. Internal body temperature stays below 100 degrees. But, surface skin temperature can reach 104 degrees.

A different type of sauna therapy is infrared sauna therapy. Instead of using heat to warm the air, infrared uses light to create the heat. It is milder than traditional saunas. And is a good option for those who can’t tolerate high temperatures.

Despite positive data for other areas of the body like cardiovascular health, there isn’t enough research to prove it is beneficial for fungal infections. We can infer that since regular sauna therapy boosts the immune system, it would also help battle fungal infections. There are no formal studies on this, however. Only personal testimonies that saunas help battle fungal infections.

Final Thoughts

Though evidence is not conclusive, we can surmise that it certainly won’t hurt. Regular use of sauna therapy boosts the immune system. It also provides a way to relax, which also bolsters the immune system. In this way, saunas help battle fungal infections.

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